Overseas Shipping

More than 20 years of experience

Before we start shipping, we ensure that you, our client, is protected. This is a legal and  documentation-based process in which we complete entirely on our own - you do not need to worry about anything! The goal of this process is to prevent the seizing of your cargo by customs at various international borders.


Next, we conduct a thorough check which notes the state of your cargo and documents any damages that are present prior to the transportation process.


Now here comes the fun part: loading the cargo! We ensure that the cargo is properly and uniquely blocked and braced before it ships. We have a unique method of loading vehicles that vary from newly to slightly used. We can load a minimum of one (1) vehicle up to a maximum of six (6) in one 40hiq container.


Finally, your cargo is shipped out using one of our selected and trusted affiliates.​

Throughout this entire process, we are continually in contact and working with you, the shipping lines, international customs, and all other involved parties. As our client, we ensure that all transportation is done in the most hassle-free manner for you.


Aside from shipping your precious cargo in a timely, yet safe, manner, we are also registered to purchase and sell both new, and used vehicles, heavy machinery vehicles, and motorized vehicles from dealer-exclusive auctions.

We consult with you, the client, on which article you would like to purchase from your choice of our numerous accounts between two different auction sites: Impact Auto and Copart.

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